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UAACon will be held on Oct 24th in Springville, UT.

The event will be open and free to the public as part of a service initiative of the UAA in raising funds for the Springville Library. To donate click the button in the sidebar. All funds donated (minus PayPal fees) will be sent to Springville Library for furthering their community outreach initiatives.

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Donate To Springville Library 

We suggest making at least a $10 donation to benefit Springville Library so they can reach out to the greater community as a whole with more literacy and art initiatives. All individuals donating will receive the UAA Community Builder badge (minus the watermark) for use on their website.watermarkedBADGE

Below is the schedule of our amazing topics and presenters.

Day 1
24 Oct 2015

Scene & Sequel

Where do you start a story? How do you know what comes next? And then what comes after that? And then after that to the end? Come to this session...
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John Brown

If Marketing Is Boring…

Learn how to use your strengths and talents as an author to build a fan base and market your book. And guess what? You’ll actually enjoy it!
Laura Watkins

Plotting to Pantsing: Where Your Writing Falls on the Spectrum

The methods and extent of pre-writing range widely for every writer. But all authors do some kind of preparation before writing their novel. Find out the underlying principles of pre-writing...
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Callie Stoker

Using Misdirection

Misdirection techniques help you create memorable plots and complex characters. Suspense, reversals, revelations and growth all exist as extensions of writing with misdirection. Explore valuable techniques to misdirect your writing...
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Michael Darling

Queries Mastered

Erin Summerill currently assists Agent Laurie McLean of the Fuse Literary Agency. In the Queries Mastered class, students will learn to master the art of writing an agent-attention grabbing query. Discover...
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Erin Summerill

Approaching POV Through Voice

In fiction today, most stories rely on deep POV and the character’s voice to convey not only the character’s thoughts but the action of the plot to make the world...
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Jordan McCollum
12:00 - 01:30

Lunch Break


Good worldbuilding is essential for story creation, especially in the science fiction, fantasy, and historical genres. We’ll be discussing all aspects of the setting, from geography, to people and culture,...
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Charlie Holmberg

Self Editing / Revision

This class is designed to teach you simple and effective self-editing techniques that will give your writing the extra polish to make it shine.  We’ll talk about the Editor’s Checklist,...
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Julie Coulter Bellon

Perseverance in Writing

Young Adult novelist Emilee King was a junior in high school when she discovered writing—the same time she discovered her health challenges. Emilee shares how she became interested in writing,...
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Emilee King

How to Show

Show don’t tell. We’ve heard it a million times, but nobody explains HOW. Clenched fists and pounding hearts—these are not the answer to the Show Don’t Tell rule. It’s time to...
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Julie Daines

Building a Publishing Team

In this class you will learn how to work with editors, photographers, artists, cover designers, and formatters to create a professional product.
Cindy Hogan

Fight/Action Scenes

How to Write Action Scenes that Pack a Punch. From fighting to writing – learn to visualize, then narrate, action scenes that come alive.
Ali Cross
4:30 - 5:30

Meet & Greet / Presenter Book Signings