Code of Ethics & Integrity

Each member of the UAA agrees to abide by the standards set forth in this document.


In representing myself, and by virtue of associating with other industry professionals, I pledge to maintain high standards of integrity in order to further the public’s positive perception of my industry by conducting myself in a professional manner in my interactions with my colleagues, supporting professionals, and the general public and by showing up prepared for events at which I am asked or volunteered to attend or speak, and by following these standards specifically:


I respect copyright and will not engage in plagiarism or false representation in my or another’s work(s), presentations, handouts, etc. If I, on my own accord or through another, discover that I have accidentally copied another’s work; I will remove the work immediately or make the appropriate changes. I will comply with any legal matters that may arise. In cases of using another’s work with permission or after copyright has expired, I will still give credit where credit is due.


In paying those individuals associated with my work (e.g. authors, agents, editors, artists, etc.) I will be prompt, accurate, and abide by the conditions and timeframe established in my contract. If I make an error, I will remedy the situation quickly. 


I am clear and honest about my accomplishments. Any titles, honors, or prestige associated with myself or with any of my work(s) are done so without guile. I will use the exact award names, bestseller list rank(s) or achievements accurately and without misconstruing facts and details. Should I make a mistake, I pledge to remove or correct any misleading or inaccurate information so as to not mislead the public.

Furthermore, I will not engage in the establishment of false online or offline personas/pseudonyms to promote my work in any way, shape, or form.

Lastly, I will be honest about my conflicts of interest or arrangements with other professionals. I will not post reviews of the works of others that are family, clients, etc. or where special conditions exist (such as winning free copies of the work, traded reviews via shared publisher, and so forth) without mentioning these conflicts of interest or arrangements in my review and will encourage others to do the same.

Social Media/Platform

I will not engage in attacks of another professional or their work or in cyber bullying an individual that negatively reviewed/critiqued my work, or encourage others to do the same no matter how rude or antagonistic these individuals are. In the spaces I own or maintain (e.g. Facebook page, blog/website subscribers, etc.), I have, and may enforce, the right to remove abusive individuals to protect the atmosphere and intention of my personal platform(s), but I will not further any contention by retaliating against said individuals beyond a general notice and setting the record straight, if need be.

In Matters Of Criticism

I recognize that giving and receiving criticism is necessary in becoming the best creative producer I can be. When I am critiqued, I welcome feedback, good or bad, and strive to learn regardless of the message or messenger for the potential sake of my craft. When I critique another’s work, I judge the merits of the work not the person. I am honest, direct, and do not intend to offend others, but rather to be helpful in assisting that individual. I recognize that receiving criticism is difficult and that persons willing to undergo this process deserve praise and respect.

Success & Unity

I accept that the good or bad I have experienced in this life makes me who I am and gives me my unique perspective to reach people with my skills or craft. If I need help in growing, I seek out and find the assistance I need, taking responsibility for my dreams and goals. Regardless of my circumstances, history, limitations, and so forth, I ultimately recognize that success rests upon my shoulders and no one else’s.

I strive to be happy for the success of others. I recognize the unseen efforts of others, and as such will not promote or facilitate negative emotions such as jealousy, envy, faultfinding, etc. which are distractions from finding joy in my work and focusing on my path.

Finally, I pledge to further high standards of integrity associated to the craft and business of writing, and to promote literacy and giving back to the community in which I reside.