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Associate Membership

Membership for aspiring individuals that do not yet meet the requirements for General Member status.

Utah Valley Writers

$40.00 / yr
  • Utah Valley Area
  • All Genres Welcome
  • Meets 2x / Month
  • Critique & Craft Specialized

What Are the Associate Member Benefits?

  1. education and mentorship from professional sources;
  2. networking;
  3. unique service opportunities within the community and the association;
  4. critiques of work;
  5. access to retreats and conferences;
  6. discounts to partnership organizations and their events (as available);
  7. discounts for participation in contests;
  8. utilization of UAA website tools, as available;
  9. presenter and public speaking opportunities for Associates who are subject matter experts;
  10. community leadership opportunities, such as elected officers or serving on committees;
  11. access to “opt-in” chapter membership directories; and
  12. prestige of belonging to a service-oriented organization focused on promoting literacy and the craft and business of writing.

General Membership

Membership for individuals that meet the requirements for one or more of the designations below.

Author/Writer/Graphic Novelist

  • at least one (1) novel earning $3,000.00 or more; OR
  • at least two (2) novellas, each with earning $1,500.00 or more; OR
  • at least four (4) novelettes, each earning $750.00 or more; OR
  • at least six (6) separate short stories publications, each earning $500.00 or more; OR
    • NOTE: “earning” relates to the advance, payment, and/or royalties distributed through a traditional or indie press, or in the combined royalties paid (not total sales) to the author in the case of self-publishing through a distributor such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Payments from contest winnings may be considered as “earnings” minus entry fees. “Earning” does not relate to a promise of payment but denotes actual payment.
  • the sale of a screenplay written for a theatrical release, where the writer was paid at least $5,000.00 at the time of sale; OR
  • the sale of at least one (1) sixty-eight (68) minute, or at least three (3) twenty-two (22) minute, screenplay(s) written for television where the writer was paid Writer’s Guild minimums, for monetary purposes, at the time of the work, and where the writer received at least partial screenplay credit or would have the movie, episodes, etc. been made or aired for TV; OR
  • the sale of a stage play written for theatrical release, where the writer was paid at least $2,000.00 at the time of sale; OR
  • any of the above items can be “work for hire” insomuch that the individual provides the proof of the contract.


a blog earning more than $500 for at least a consecutive six (6) months, or more than 1,500 subscribers.


a nationally or regionally syndicated column/review/magazine, etc. or employed by the same for writing a column/critique/review.


  • a minimum of at least ten (10) poems/songs published or selling for a combined total of $1,250.00 over eighteen (18) months; OR
  • one book of poems/lyrics with an advance or royalties of $1,250.00 over eighteen (18) months.


  • one book cover in which the artist was paid at least $750; OR
  • several cumulative book covers in which the artist has been paid over $3,000 over one year; OR
  • one (1) book in which the illustrator was paid no less than $250.00 per page for their artwork under “work for hire” conditions; OR
  • received $1,000.00 in royalties under a royalty share agreement—this is the Illustrator’s share only.

Comic Book Creator

  • at least three (3) full-length comic books or the equivalent in self-contained stories as “work-for-hire” at a page-rate of $50.00 minimum; OR
  • a minimum of three (3) creator-owned full-length comic books, with a paid advance ($30.00 per page or $700.00 per issue) and with a nationally distributed print run of at least 5,000 copies. The advance for the creator-owned published work must be no less than $30.00 per page or $700.00 per issue. (The same quota applies to writer/artists, who must be paid no less than $60.00 per page for material they have written and illustrated, or $1,200.00 per issue.); OR
  • within a one-year period of no less than three (3) indie, self-published (i.e. creator-owned), full-length comic books (or the equivalent in self-contained stories) with a minimum print-run of 1,500 nationally distributed copies per issue.


  • edited at least one novel-length work of fiction for the payment of at least $2,000.00; OR
  • been employed by a company at least three-quarters-time for a minimum of six months as an editor, where at least 50% of the person’s responsibilities are in editing; OR
  • received payment of at least $3,000.00 over one calendar year for the sole purpose of editing fiction/non-fiction publications in book form, periodicals, or on-line works.


  • does not charge reader fees or offer paid services to authors; AND
  • represents at least ten (10) individuals; AND
  • has sold at least three (3) books to publishers for a combined advances greater than $30,000 in one calendar year.


  • an individual that does not fit into a specific designation but the cumulative body of their work encompasses a mixture of the above criteria that combined would equal to the criteria of the author designation; AND
  • said individual petitions the Board for acceptance as a general member.

Utah Valley Writers

$25.00 / yr
  • Utah Valley Area
  • All Genres Welcome
  • Meets 2x / month
  • Critique & Craft Focused

What Are the General Member Benefits?

All Associate Member Benefits, as well as:

  1. profile and work spotlights on the website;
  2. appearances and visits to schools or public meetings (as available);
  3. unique PR opportunities as service representatives or liaisons (when available);
  4. listing of UAA membership and area(s) of expertise for speaking opportunities;
  5. other benefits and opportunities as may be determined by the Board; and
  6. prestige of belonging to a service-oriented organization showing your peers you give back in your community in promoting literacy and the craft and business of writing.

Mentor Membership

Mentors meet the requirements for General Membership but pay no membership dues. Instead, they commit to providing additional service hours. Mentors are appointed by the Board via application. Their benefits are the same as General Members with a few additions. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor please work through your chapter leadership as all application are forwarded on locally.