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Utah Valley Writers (UVW)

Serving the Utah County Area
—All Genres Welcome—

UVW is community of serious writers dedicated to learning the craft and business of writing in a supportive environment. They are one of the oldest and most influential writing organizations in the State of Utah. Their heritage dates back to 1927 through individuals within Brigham Young University’s English department. New members are always welcome regardless of experience.

Meeting Frequency = 2 x / month

Typically from 6 – 9 PM in the Orem Public Library (58 North State Street). The first meeting in the month is dedicated to critiques. The second meeting has short critiques followed by instruction from industry professionals.

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A Chapter Coming Near You?

We believe that when our vision is shared, excitement will follow. This enthusiasm has led to interest in the formation of UAA chapters across the United States. 

Below is a list of cities/areas with established interest in UAA membership awaiting the twenty (20) required members to form a chartered chapter. Should you have an interest in helping to create chapters in these areas, or in areas not yet listed, please contact us at










Eagle Mountain
Heber Valley
Logan / Preston, ID (Cache Valley area)
Park City
Price/Huntington/Wellington (surrounding area)
Salt Lake City
St. George
Tooele/Stansbury Park/Grantsville


Sacramento (surrounding area)
San Bernardino (surrounding area)


Idaho Falls
Preston / Logan, UT (Cache Valley area)
Twin Falls

Las Vegas

Santa Fe

Puget Sound (area)

Children’s Picture Book Writers/Illustrators only
Editors only
Historical Fiction only
Poets only

Chapters FAQ

How do I join a Chapter in the UAA?

First, check our Chapters page to find a chapter in your area. Second, attend a couple of meetings to see what we have to offer. Finally, if you like what you see, go to the Join Us page and select the option to join the chapter(s) you want.

If there is not a chapter in your area, please contact us at to be put on a waiting list.

What does it mean to be put on a UAA Chapter waiting list?

It means there are not yet twenty (20) members in your area. We will notify you when your city meets the requirements for applying for a chapter charter. You can help speed up the process by generating interest amongst the writers and writing professionals in your area.

How does the UAA ensure its chapters provide value?

We train our chapters and their leadership multiple times during the year. Topics such as; how to provide exceptional events, critique properly, managed finances, trouble-shoot best practices, and where to serve your community are just some of the topics we cover. UAA believes that chartering a chapter is a symbol of a mutual trust and partnership and we work to support chapters in their individual goals.

How many potential members and individuals do you require for leadership positions in order to form a chapter?

We require twenty (20) new members within a geographic area in order to apply for a chapter charter. Of those twenty (20) members, three (3) must be willing to serve and be approved by its members to serve in a leadership capacity, including one Chapter President. We call these requirements our 20 | 3 rule.

But we're super serious individuals, will you make an exception on chartering our chapter even if we don't meet the 20 | 3 rule now?

No, sorry. We have been asked to deviate from our standards and charter chapters with numbers as little as five (5) members and up to nineteen (19). We appreciate your passion, but UAA believes in creating strong, community-impacting chapters. Experience and research shows that chapters smaller than twenty are not stable long-term, do not do well, and often fail to make a significant impact for their members and in their community. At least twenty (20) members and three (3) persons voted into leadership positions is our standard and we will not be able to make exceptions.